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Why Cloudster Vape...!

Most of us tend to think that when it comes to nicotine or the ingredients used in e-liquids, there is no good or bad quality. However, many vapers are discovering that quality in the e-Lliquids they are vaping form the nicotine to VG/PG & flavoring is a real a big issue. Whether it be from a lack of purity or mishandling along the way, substandard nicotine can all turn a pleasurable vaping experience into a harsh one. It is important to know you are vaping pure, clean & safe e-liquids.

Here at Cloudster Vape™ We believe it is our responsibility to ensure the very best and highest quality e-Liquids are created and manufactured and for this, we only use pharmaceutical grade monopropylene glycol and medical-grade 9200 Glyerine USP/EP & FEMA approved ingredients, which are sourced within the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our flavours are incredible juicy mix’s, they are perfectly blended into a fruity & refreshing e-shisha, e-cigarette vaping flavour that will keep you wanting for more. Perfect for all day vaping on any.

Our Ingredients

We only use Pharmaceutical Grade Monopropylene Glycol and Medical-Grade 9200 Glyerine USP, EP & FEMA approved ingredients, which is sourced within the UK & Europe.

TPD Compliant

Our flavor's do NOT contain harmful ingredients like Artificial Colors, Cadmium, Led, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Chromium, Nickel, Benzoic Acid to name a few unlike others on the market.

We Promise

To create and manufacture the very best quality of e-Liquids which are refreshing, flavorful, sweet, smooth, refined, pure, clean & safe to vape as they are going into your body.

Price vs Quality

You are putting these products into your body, you dont know where the ingredients have been sourced from. Do you take the risk? No it is better to pay the little extra for the peace of mind. Money will come and go but your health wont !

Our Team

includes flavour developers, brand / identity developers and quality control testers as well as researchers. With ISO Class 7 clean rooms, bottling plant, housing some of the most advanced bespoke e liquid production machinery available.

Quality Control

We regularly carry out rigorous quality control tests & supply chain audits to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved. We ensure the quality and safety of all products and ingredients in our e-liquids so you dont have to.


PharmaNIC e-Liquid...

Created by our experienced flavor developers with the customer in mind.


6 Amazing Flavors...

It comes in 6 flavors, Cappuccino, Heisenberg, Apple, Blueberry, Mixed Fruits & Tobacco.


Conjured Up With...

Pharmaceutical Grade Monopropylene Glycol, Nicotine and Medical-grade 9200 Glyerine USP/EP & FEMA approved ingredients.Made with 100% Good Grade Flavors. In regulation with TPD Directive & Regulations.